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Jan 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
million, but under u.s. law, the bush- clinton fund for haiti had just under three years to do its work, and that time is now over. >> it is drop in the bucket for what haiti needs, but it is an important demonstration effect, especially across the sectors that we tried to energize. >> those include farming, building houses, and lending to the poor. hear, a newly built luxury hotel that supporters of the project say haiti badly needs. owners say they are training hotel workers and hiring lots of local people. x those people were in the streets. today, men and women are going to school, and getting a profession. >> at this construction company, the emphasis is on earthquake resistant buildings, built by haitians, yet not everyone thinks the bush does clinton approach, small amounts of money invested mostly in small businesses, have been the right fix for a country with so much damage not repaired, so many still without homes or jobs. the situation is critical. we need 2 million more homes. giving the money to middlemen here and in the u.s. is not right. more than $7 billion in aid has al
Dec 31, 2012 7:00pm PST
agencies for not focusing enough on security. the doctors of hillary clinton are confident that she will make a full recovery from a blood clot that was found in the brain during a checkup. she is being treated at new york presbyterian hospital. clinton will be released when doctors determine the best dose of medication. venezuela has canceled new year's celebrations in the capital because of the poor health of the president. hugo chavez has developed complications after being treated for cancer. we have more from caracas. >> a new year's eve mass. people are still trying to recover from the shock of the latest news. half -- one woman said she has heard that hugo chavez is not doing well again and that praying is all they can do so that he comes back in good health. >> he changed my life. he helped my family. we have to continue praying for him. >> on sunday, the vice president addressed the nation from havana and said that the president is suffering from complications stemming from a respiratory infection. >> 19 days after undergoing surgery, the president's state of health continu
Dec 31, 2012 5:30am PST
.s. secretary of state -- >> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has been taken to hospital. she suffered a concussion earlier this month. she is being treated with blood thinning medication and she will be monitored for the next 48 hours. venezuela's ailing president has had a new health setback, suffering complications after surgery. vice president nicolas maduro made an unexpected trip to the capital of cuba, where president chavez is receiving cancer treatment. >> 19 days after undergoing surgery, president chavez's health continues to be frail. it is a process not without risk. we have decided to stay in heaven for the next few hours, accompanying the commander and his- -- in havana for the next few hours, accompanying the commander and his family. >> instead of calming people down, it has worried people. they are wondering what will happen next and what surprised people the most is that they are staying in cuba. that raised a lot of questions. is anything else going to be announced in the coming days? what do the cuban doctors tell the vice president? will thomas come back on time f
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3